The Kayser9soze Catalog is over 275 songs deep without inclusion of instrumental compositions. Below is a narrative of the catalog.

Kayser9soze – Rebirth
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Kayser9soze – Close your eyes (Featuring REO Speedwagon samples)

Kayser9soze – Doing me (As featured in Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at my pain”)

Kayser9soze – We might as well (preview)

Kayser9soze – In my life

Kayser9soze – Heaven Knows

Kayser9soze – So you see (To each their own)

Kayser9soze – Que ellos se cren (What they think? Spanish/English track)

Kayser9soze – Post Mortem

Kayser9soze – Hater, Hater (Certified Gold)

Kayser9soze – Free Agent (French, russian, italian adlibs)

Kayser9soze – Feel Me

Kayser9soze – New Energy (Dance track)

Kayser9soze – GAFANO

Kayser9soze – Pillowtalk

Kayser9soze – A million and one freestylee

Kayser9soze – Forever Eternal (Preview)

Kayser9soze – Seen it all

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Kayser9soze – New, New York

Kayser9soze – Listen to your heart

Kayser9soze – Gettysburg Freestyle

Kayser9soze – “Say Yeah” Featuring Santino

Kayser9soze – 20 bars freestyle

Kayser9soze – Who you are (freestyle)

Kayser9soze – Goodbye

Kayser9soze – My legacy