kayser9soze 2Kayser has been recording and producing music for well over two decades. His most recent releases Sound Architect brought a new dimension to an expansive catalog of music dating back to the late 90’s. Throughout the years he has released 5 studio albums and 7 mixtapes.

In his own words:

I started out writing verses for fun, at the time my choice of wording and approach were very unconventional. That fact then moved into local battle raps in East Harlem where I grew up, I always thought of it as a hobby because it was fun. In the early 2000’s I found a website online called “Murderous Emcees” which was owned and launched in the UK. I joined up and started chopping it up with other emcees from around the world. This led to my first time actually recording of something I would release further out than just my local boroughs of New York. I consider that website a very important experience because I got to work and battle against other hungry emcees from all walks of life and of all variations of skills. The experience helped me better understand how audio recordings work and helped me vastly improve my overall sound. Without it I would’ve just been another person who raps in a studio but doesn’t quite fully grasp the process. We challenged ourselves to record about the most random of topics in what we all called “topical battles”, this forced me to write from a number of point of views on topics I would never have written for if not under these circumstances. The result has contributed greatly to the evolution of me as a musician on the greatest of scales and cultivated great relationships with other emcees I still work with today.

A few years later I started recording more with the intention of working towards an eventual album, so I needed to release singles to get people’s attention. I had made the transition from battle rap to structuring material that flowed evenly throughout. Back then there were only a limited amount of resources available to a musician due to the at time cost of bandwidth and storage for these companies. Using those websites to host my music and study my stats of what age demographic showed interest and what countries listened helped me get a better understanding of global music distribution in it’s most raw format. As time went on I migrated over to a podcast that had ridiculous success. The podcast started producing interest from people in the indie scene and led to my first official studio release, 2008’s “Hater Free”.

Having been a fan of instrumentation and arrangement since the days when my mother would clean the house to her bolero’s (spanish power ballads) and her love of disco music I started toying around with music composition at it’s foundation. My first few beats were basic generic sounding drums and one instrument disasters but it gave me a working platform to start from. I eventually started taking more risks and bringing in elements of other genre’s which make my sound often eclectic but still within the parameters of what is considered hip-hop or whatever genre I am constructing for. The rest is history.